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Black Owned in LA

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Hi…I’m Miranda. I created this platform to elevate Black Owned businesses, uplift black voices, tell black stories, and celebrate black culture in Los Angeles. Here’s a look into “my why” and how Black Owned in LA came about.

To say that the unjust killings, the racism, the police brutality, the civil unrest, the looting, and the conflict is heartbreaking would be an understatement. This pivotal moment…this pivotal MOVEMENT has forced me to process and work through my own emotions, as I try to understand why this time has been so traumatic and why this time is different. As I’ve worked through the tears (so many tears), the rage, the anger and the sadness…I have asked myself, “what am I doing to help”. I realized that I’ve been in self preservation mode for several years — since Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Walter Scott and Sandra Bland.

Watching small black children protest across this country, with their tiny black fists and the conviction that tells me they truly understand this moment, has brought me to my knees. Am I standing with them? Am I fighting for them? Am I making a better world FOR THEM and for my future little ones? I’ve voted, I petitioned, I’ve made calls, I’ve written letters, I made financial contributions, and I’ve been vocal on social media. But all of that didn’t feel like it was enough because the simple truth is that it’s not.

To be frank, I have struggled with figuring out how I can personally make a REAL impact, and how I can best serve. @blackownedinla is where I landed. Marketing is what I know, what I’m known for, and is one of the things that I do best. As a dear friend so eloquently put it — “you are perfectly positioned and talented for this…thank you for using your gifts to serve.” With every fiber of my being, and with an abundance of God’s grace…I will do this work with the careful attention, integrity, professionalism, exceptional standard, and LOVE that our black owned businesses and communities deserve. @blackownedinla is NOT a hobby, nor will I ever treat it (or you) as such.

This is OUR platform, created with the sole intention of elevating black businesses, uplifting black voices, and celebrating black culture here in Los Angeles.

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