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Jessica A. Hudnall grew up between West LA, South LA and Inglewood. She gave birth to her beautiful daughter, Jayla, at the age of twenty-three. She created the name of her company, Momz "R" Funny2 during her pregnancy. Her faith in God kept her aligned with her purpose, pursuing her dreams and achieving her goals while working as a substitute preschool teacher.

The Momz "R" Funny2 brand includes the Momz "R" Funny2 Podcast and store. The MRF2 Podcast is an inspirational and informative family friendly podcast, supporting the values of entrepreneurship and spiritual guidance served with a glass of laughs. The goal is to give the listener energy to fully operate as their true selves! MRF2 is also home to a clothing store featuring the Glory Zone and Jayla Rose collections. An actress and comedian, Jessica puts her faith and personality into piece she designs. Sayings like "Netflix N Nap"and "My God Vs Rona" can be found on selective pieces etc. Jessica loves the LA community, giving back and being involved in the arts and entertainment industry.