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The Fitness Lab., LLC

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The Fitness Lab was conceptualized in 2017 as an alternative way to provide wide-reaching athletic training programs for those who are on the go and seek a more personalized + curated experience compared to large scale gyms. Our standard programs and personal training programs empower those who enter the Lab to perform at their own pace and with a sense of autonomy, while taking the guesswork out of what to do and when to do it from the convenience of their devices - through our free training app, The Fitness Lab NOW.

Because we are a small company, we excel by delivering online personal training services that allow our clients to reach out to the trainers and check-in on progress in a casual, non-intimidating setting. At TFL we offer complete 4-6 week conditioning + jumpstart programs that we call "treatments" for immediate purchase as well as 3/6/12 month custom training programs which can be downloaded direct to a mobile device, tablet, or computer as a companion for our clients busy lives. Our goal is that you want to start or continue your wellness journey, realizing The Fitness Lab is the place you've needed all along!

When you enter The Fitness Lab, you're not entering an overwhelming gym or engaging with intimidating or dismissive trainers, rather a lifestyle in tune with you that will guide you to better health, wellness, and body conditioning. Entering the Lab will be an authentically designed experience to you and your fitness journey - wherever you want it to go. Unlike big-box gyms, we truly want to make your time at TFL a personal, enjoyable experience. Our strategy is continuous improvement from lessons learned with each client. We continuously work on providing progressive, dynamic programming that is challenging and allows our clients to have a little fun as they push beyond their limits! Join Team TFL today!