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The Neu Wave

Category: Apparel


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The Neu Wave was founded by Michael Brunson and Glenn Washington, two designers with very versatile skill sets. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania both relocated to Los Angeles, and Atlanta to pursue their design dreams.

They both have skills including Graphic design, UI/UX design, visual design, Web design, Branding, Illustration and many more skills. However, their passion for streetwear was what eventually bought them together to create The Neu Wave. They both have very similar styles when it comes to streetwear and design in General, with their love for minimalistic, clean aesthetics.

It wasn’t until they were well into their design careers that they decided to dive into fashion. With no experience in fashion or garment design they believe their passion for the industry, their willingness to study and learn something they love will lead the way as they grow. The reason for creating The Neu Wave was not financial. Their love of the industry and streetwear culture was the most significant motivating factor followed by their belief that there is a need for more high end streetwear brands that are affordable to the majority.