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8 Black Owned Plant Shops in Los Angeles

Our roots run deep?

We’ve been cultivators in this space for centuries — from tending to crops on plantations to learning how to garden and farm as a means of accessing fresh fruits and veggies to feed our families. 

It’s not only a therapeutic way for us to connect with the ground and Mother Earth, but it’s a way for us heal…a way for us to survive✊?

We’ve rounded up some local green thumbs that can help you achieve your own form of solace through plants and/or gardening??

Here are 8 Black Owned plant shops in Los Angeles.

1. Logan's Gardens

Nearly 1,000 rare and heirloom edible plants available Mondays and Saturdays and the Santa Monica Farmers Market + Sundays at the Hollywood Farmers Market.

2. The Plant Provocateur

An online plant shop featuring new nature -- plants + botanically inspired goods.

3. The Plant Chica

Your wishlist plants + the home of #AdoptAPlant in Los Angeles.

4. Queen Los Angeles

Plantify your life with this royal collection of houseplants.

5. Plant Plug LA

Specializes in aloe vera, fruits and veggies + virtual garden guidance.

6. The Plant Mon

A plant delivery service offering house plants, succulents and terrariums. 

7. Contained Bliss

The perfect solution for small space landscaping and plantings.

8. The Nice Plant

Self care in a box and the perfect "plant in a box" for gifting.