15 Black Owned Coffee Shops in LA

As the content we’re consuming begins to return to “business as usual”, we’re seeing less and less about #BlackLivesMatter as well as less content encouraging and reminding us to support of Black Owned businesses. That’s not to say our inboxes and feeds are now void of this content, but we’re sure that you’ve recognized that its declining. We’re here with a caffeine-fueled reminder to remain focused as we continue to push for change in every form.

Creating real economic opportunities for Black communities and Black people includes being intentional about patronizing Black owned businesses.

This means we have to go out of our way. This means we might need to leave 15 minutes early. This means we need to visit other neighborhoods. This means that we’re going to act on that little black square we all posted a few weeks ago. This means that BLACK LIVES MATTER. We want to see intentional participation from non-Black people patronizing Black businesses PERIOD.

Starbucks and Coffee Bean ain’t going nowhere. Share this post with a friend and ask them to PULL UP at one of these 15 Black Owned Coffee Shops in LA:

  • Nimbus Coffee & Tea
  • Harun Coffee
  • Patria Coffee Roasters
  • Coffee by Kofi
  • Sip & Sonder
  • Hot and Cool Cafe
  • Bloom & Plume Coffee
  • Undergrind Cafe
  • South LA Cafe
  • Boketto Cold Brews
  • Silverback Coffee
  • VanillaBlack Coffee
  • Flower Boy Project
  • Cafe Ruisseau
  • Hilltop Kitchen & Coffee